15” DIY weld-on beadlock kit (per wheel)

Steel Inner and Steel Outer Ring Set

  • Easy DIY beadlocks, no parting of the rim in a lathe needed!
  • Turn any 15” steel rim into a tough beadlock for maximum traction and secure beads when running single digit pressures off-road
  • Only a grinder, welder and a drill needed
  • Inner ring holes are undersized so that you can tap them to take a M10x1.25p bolt or if wanting to use nut and bolt simply run a 10mm drill bit through the holes.
  • Suggest re-locating valve stem for accessibility and to tractor dump valves for quick air-downs
  • Anti-cone rings optional but highly recommended for a positive stop when cranking down the beefy 14x M10 bolts. We need to know your bead thickness to spec the correct anti-cone rings.
  • Purchase per wheel so you can do a set of 4 or a set of 5 to have a matching beadlocked spare
  • Not LVV certifiable by design however balance up fine and we have been using ours on the road safely for years.
  • Turnaround time may vary depending on stock and workload, please check before purchasing if urgently needed
  • Upgrade to alloy outer ring

We can offer supply and install service, please enquire – info@kaizenworks.co.nz


Pick up from our Lower Hutt workshop or shipping price available on application.