These DIY beadlock rings offer do it yourself weld on Beadlocks, all you need is a welder and something to remove the paint from your rim lip where you will weld. No lathe work or parting of the rim lip is necessary! This allows you to create bead lock wheels from any standard steel wheel by simply welding a ring to the outer lip of your wheel and then bolting on the clamping outer ring.

The DIY beadlock rings are simple to install in that the inner ring fits nicely in a 15” wheel lip (only 15” available at this stage), you just need to remove the paint from the rim and scale from the ring and weld all the way around with no pin holes! It pays to relocate your valve stem for better accessibility and to a new tractor dump valve for quick deflate, especially now you can safely run those single digit pressures.

With the welded and painted rim facing up you simply drop the inner tyre bead over the rim and centre it visually. The outer ring centres on a 15” tyre and then it is a case of installing the bolts and torqueing them down in an alternating star pattern. It helps to have the rim set up off the ground so the tyre can hang on the rim.

The anti-cone rings are optional. They are a rolled flat bar mild steel circle ring tack welded to the inner ring. With the cone ring standing 90° to the inner and outer rings it provides a positive stop when torqueing down the outer ring and the necessary preload on the tyre bead. Bead thickness of your tires required. They also keep mud away from the tyre bead and bolts.

Our beadlock rings have a simple but stylish pattern in the outer ring, they take 14xM10 bolts for huge, even clamping pressure and can be up specced to run an alloy outer ring that looks great and weighs less.


$24.80 – Anti cone ring (per wheel)