This Ultra High quality Flextech Silicone vacuum hose kit contains:

– 2 Metres of 3mm silicone vacuum hose
– 2 metres of 4mm silicone vacuum hose
– 2 metres of 5mm silicone vacuum hose
– 2 metres of 6mm silicone vacuum hose

More than enough to completely kit out almost any car!!
Over $100 worth in value if bought seperately

Other lengths available on request.

**Blue, red or black available.**

Silicone vacuum hose Kit suitable for replacing vacuum lines. Ideal for connecting boost gauges, BOV’s and waste gates and replacing the boring black rubber factory lines.

We stock the quality Flextech silicone joiner range including:

Straight silicone joiners
Straight silicone reducers/expanders

45° silicone elbows (reducing/expanding too)
90° silicone elbows (reducing/expanding too)

135° and 180° silicone bends

Silicone heater/radiator hose
Vacuum hose


Blue, red or black joiners available!

Send us a message with your requirements!


$4.50 within Wellington

$4.95 outside of Wellington