what we do – fabrication & welding

  • MIG, TIG, steel, stainless steel, chromoly and aluminium welding
  • Surge tanks, catch cans, reservoirs and drop tanks
  • Engine conversions and mounting. Gearbox mounts
  • Mounting bracketry
  • Driveshaft loops for Low Volume Vehicle Certification (LVV)
  • Battery relocation and mounting brackets
  • Light engineering, trailers and repairs
  • Pipe swaging
  • Dimple dies
  • Panel work, rust repairs, new transmission tunnels etc.
  • Tables, furniture and framework

Aliminium TIG welding

Stainless steel TIG welding

Some wing stays we designed, cut and assembled

A fuel surge tank system we spec’d, designed and fabricated to suit E85 fuel

A light engineering job to repair this trailer drawbar

A new firewall with raised transmission tunnel from front to back to accommodate an upgraded gearbox for this drag car.