what we do – mechanical upgrades

We can carry out repairs and upgrades, particularly performance oriented. Do you need a turbo fitted, a performance service completed, brakes improved or a fuel system upgraded? We can help.

Have you found yourself failing a warrant after so many modifications? We have vast experience with the Low Volume Vehicle (LVV) certification process, so can assist in getting your car through the process.

We also specialise in the design, supply and assembly of Speedflow fittings and lines for fuel, oil and cooling systems.

And if your daily driver need servicing, WOF repairs or maintenance we can do that too.

Subaru WRX brake upgrade from standard to the ever popular Brembo calipers and slotted/dimpled rotors.

A driveshaft loop fabricated to spec for certification

Another GT86, this time for some oil cooler re-plumbing to provide clearance for the new TRD airbox.

We specialise in the plumbing of performance hose and fittings.

A GT86 receiving a final drive ratio increase and Whiteline sway bar upgrade.