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Feldon Shelter Rooftop Tents & accessories

The highest quality roof top living designed right here in New Zealand with materials that are purpose-built and have made the cut because they last! Every tent comes with a two year “NZ Proof” warranty. Come and experience our country with us, the way it should be seen.

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So, what sets Feldon Shelter rooftop tents apart from the rest? Here’s the full run down to give you a solid background understanding of the Crow’s Nest & how we do things.

Camping in New Zealand can be pretty rough, but that’s a good thing when it comes to designing tents that can handle it all & go anywhere. Rain, we get loads of that. Snow? Yep. Wind, sun, hail, we literally get it all year round. We have spent the past 5 years designing and proving our Crow’s
Nest tents can withstand the worst conditions possible & create effortless adventures through innovative design. It’s this time spent designing and putting in the hours that sets us apart. We are not simply a generic rooftop tent product with a logo slapped
on it.

Here’s the main design features to note:

– Unique window design: Our large curved window design offers 360° views and the angular window cover provides unbeatable aerodynamics
in high winds.
– Large Radius Curved Roof: We created NZ’s original curved roof design, which prevents water pooling and offers low resistance in high winds.
– Storage Features: The Crow’s Nest design features a large variety of integrated storage, including; a unique two-person shoe pocket, base mounted spring pole pocket, overhead cargo net (Extended Model) or cargo straps (Regular Model) & internal pockets.
– Heavy Duty PVC Travel Cover: Purpose built 720G PVC (more durable) & welded triple layer reinforcement panels in high wear areas. It also features the world’s original roll up design created by us.
– Bedding Storage: Larger hinges when compared with other generic rooftop tents, means that bedding & pillows can be tucked away permanently
in the tent while closed and travelling.
– Quick Release Hand Attachments: Makes tent installation, swapping between vehicles & removal of a breeze.
– 60mm ErgoCell High Density Foam Mattress: Wrapped in a removable cotton cover that features waterproof ripstop underside, sides & antisoak corners to keep condensation out. It is removable & machine washable. Designed to sleep individuals up to 7ft in height.
– Versatile Mounting System: Fully adjustable mounting system means that the Crow’s Nest can be fitted to any vehicle, no matter how large or small. The extremely versatile system allows the tent to be setup to unfold off the side, rear, or front.

Here are the materials that set us apart from the rest:

– Our Canvas: Heavy duty, PU treated, purpose built 340G ripstop polycotton provides a extremely durable & 100% waterproof tent body.
Combined with our efficient breathable vent design.
– Our Thread: Ultra strong and UV resistant COATS thread (originally developed in Europe for Racing Yacht Sails).
– Lightweight Diamond Ripstop Rainfly: Purpose built, 3000mm Waterproof PU treated, 420D Diamond Ripstop Polyester rainfly is extremely
light weight, ultra weatherproof & UV resistant. Stronger & more durable than generic square ripstop alternatives.
– All metal skeleton: No plastic moving parts here. All hinges and hardware are constructed from marine grade stainless steel, while all framing
and poles are anodised aluminium. This results in no corroding of parts, even when spending your nights seaside.
– YKK Zippers: Japanese made. Our zippers are smooth, heavy duty, extremely reliable & no lubrication is needed.
– Marine Grade Stainless Steel Eyelets: Sourced in New Zealand, strong & no chance of corrosion.
– Extra Wide Strapping: Heavy duty 40mm straps, velcro, and marine grade attachment rings throughout.
– Aluminium Honeycomb-Cell Base Construction: Dent resistant & 3x stronger than regular roof top tent bases. (Extended Model only).

The Construction Process:
It’s all designed here in New Zealand, with Kiwi’s part of the construction process throughout production. We work closely with our Beijing based factory & can proudly say that every item is overseen & worked on by an NZ member of the Feldon Shelter team. With a fine tooth comb,
we then carry out the final assembly at the Feldon Shelter workshop in Auckland. We do this to ensure quality is always 110% & it’s through this construction process we can offer a two year warranty on all products that we confidently stand by.